Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bakery of our desires...

Wendy Edelson - who is an amazing illustrator (you can see her work on or is also an amazing writer as it turns out. She has a wonderfully poetic blog (link on the right: Eleven Lemons). Her latest entry had a fabulous description of synchronisity that I am reposting with permission:

"I am a great watcher for signs and portents.....I believe that in the details of our lives are found clues, coming attractions of future unfoldings....if we pay attention to the breadcrumbs scattered in our path, we can find the most direct route to the bakery of our desires. Certain events and synchronistic occurences are like driftwood.....sailors can tell they are approaching land before it becomes visible on the horizon.....likewise the dove with the olivebranch...signs of land...a metaphor for the approach of our dreams come true."

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PG said...

She is indeed a marvellous writer - and I'm glad she updated her blog, I've been waiting since July for a new one - and I enjoyed 'Unexpected Surprises' so much.