Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December Fairy Ring...

I always find it odd, seeing mushrooms growing in December. Woke up this morning to see this ring appear under the trees in the front garden.

Not much new to report - I'm working hard on these covers (need to get them to the shop to be scanned before 5pm on Friday). I'm nearly to the colored-pencil-noodling stage - which means probably 90% done - although the noodling can go on indefinately. After the Friday scans, I do still have to do the lettering - but those I can scan myself for the Monday deadline. Right now I'm listening to "The Lovely Bones" on tape while I'm painting. It's surprisingly engrossing, although a topic I would have thought more distasteful. (Rumor has it that it will be the topic of Peter Jackson's next movie).

Misc. happenings - I got someone else to teach the afterschool art class I had agreed to in January (Hurray!). Got a call from another probable student for one of my remaining classes. Enrollment is looking hopeful!

Am trying to fit in some family time - we have 3 concerts in 2 weeks (two band and one symphony) to watch the kids play in. A couple of holiday parties we're committed to. Critique meeting tomorrow night. Will need to finish up Christmas shopping, wrapping and mailing next week. Also the assembling and mailing of Christmas cards. It is so amazing to me - I know about all of this stuff a year in advance - why do I not get to it until December???

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PG said...

Oh coloured-pencil-noodling! Oh Joy!It's the simple things...