Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sketch check:

OK - here are the comps for the first half of the book (unfortunately, this was the 'easy' half...) I am especially interested in comments of a perspective/anatomy/overall compostition-al nature. Last chance! Sketches are posted in reverse order (can one go in and fix/reverse that quickly?) I wanted them all posted separately so that I could get individual corrections on each piece. Thanks so much for your input!

Is the relative size between the adult and baby heads OK? Do you 'believe' the pose of the adult?


Isobel said...

Hi! I look forward to hearing what the animal anatomy experts say - if I have time to check in again! It is busy. Hope everyone is having a fun time :)

I only wonder if the little guy needs more foreshortening. It looks like the calf's eyes are looking straight at us but then wouldn't his nose be foreshortened more? Perspective, are we looking down on him?

Anonymous said...

heads are fine I think, but calf looks too big in body.His shoulder would be part overlapped by his head so the tummy/shoulder indent shoud be close to head and his hip would show too. Hard to comment when I can't see pic at same time.Gudrun

Anonymous said...

his right shoulder would shoa tiny bit. Make his spots ripple around the shoulder hip changes. (not sure hip would quite show but darn close

Anonymous said...

I think mom's pose is just fine. i like them both very much! And it is hard to comment when you can't see the image...Suzy