Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Box of Joy:

My friend Sooz sent me an amazing box of handmade origami and cut paper cards for my birthday. I've been trying to tell her that her cards are wonderful and that she should make them available to a wider audience - to no avail. My she *did* send me my own box full - which caused me to do a happy dance of delight when I opened them.

This is the actual card for *me* that came with it.

The lovely box (a work of art in itself) and its contents:

I told her that I don't know that I can actually *use* any of these - they are all so individually darling, and I only got ONE of each, so how can I give them away? I can't even paste them into my one of my art scrapbooks because the backs are so cute as well (see below):

Thanks Sooz! I love these.


Joanna said...

They look sweet, such fun colours.

Maya said...

They look beautiful... :)
Was it your birthday??
...very warm wishes and xxx from me


Gina said...

Those are so neat!