Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunny Monday...

It was a lovely day today. Sunny. Warm. Breezy. It's pretty much full-out spring here. The crocuses are past. The daffodils are out, as are the ornamental plums, pears and cherries. The forsythia and ornamental quince and winter camellias. English daisies. Even my rosemary is blossoming. (Rosemary blossoms are yummy).

I've been trying to catch up on 3 month's worth of neglect - which is apparently not possible in a week. I've slept a bit more. Prepared two separate classes, and taught three (two on the same subject). Did some shopping. Watched a couple of DVDs (the new Harry Potter and new Pride and Prejudice. Has made me want to revisit all the Jane Austin movies I have, but have discovered that the A&E "Pride and Prejudice" miniseries, while still good, feels a bit slow and does not sparkle like the latest movie does. I didn't think anything could match it - but the movie holds up very well - and you can't beat its cinematography). Cooked some dinners. Am almost caught up with the bills and my correspondance.

I actually got to work out in the yard today. We've had such bizarro weather - sunny and very chilly, rainy and very chilly, thunder and hail, and now sunny and warm. It was nice to be outside. I got to, very belatedly, prune the roses. Pulled out a bunch of the frost-killed plants in the beds. Pulled some weeds (especially all the new raspberry starts that are sprouting everywhere!). I had to go easy and really pace myself. I've been sitting in a chair for so long that I think I've completely atrophied - too much at once, and I'll really pay for it. For days. I can tell I'm already going to have sore hamstrings from all the bending and pulling. My hands are quite tired as well. I need to start building up slowly, I guess. And hope that I have more evenly paced future projects for the most part, so that I don't have to completely ignore parts of my life and get so out of shape and unbalanced.

There doesn't seem to be enough time to do what I want and need to do. And I'm still stymied with the next self-promo idea that I need to do by next month... My brain is still tired!

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Joanna said...

Your ahead of us here. The crocuses are still going strong and the snow drops are out still. I keep waiting for the daffordils to come up. Have fun in your garden it sounds lovely. Look forward to seeing some pics of all your hard work.