Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gotta find me some of these!....

My sister, back East, just discovered these chocolate bars. (Could there be a better name?) The packaging is wonderful, and there are lots of different varieties. This particular one is described thusly:

Chocolove Extra Strong Dark Chocolate Bar

77% Cocoa Content

One of the strongest chocolates made for eating, crafted especially for the dedicated chocolate enthusiast. Extra cocoa butter is added to this artful blend of African and South American cocoa beans.

Sounds like chocolate heaven for me. Going to have to see if they are available out here....


andrea said...

Ha! I knew there was a chocolate blog out there! :) Have you tried Lindt 85% cocoa? Just a bit too bitter for me but I'll eat it in a pinch. Their 70% variety has a fantastic tang if you freeze it.

We should start a club.

tlc illustration said...

:-) - well, if we can't *find* one, maybe we need to *be* one! :-)

I haven't tried Lindt for awhile (didn't love the variety I ate several years ago. May have to give it another go). But have tried Valrhona's le Noir Extra Amer (85% Cocoa). Like you, it's just a bit bitter by itself. I generally tend to the 70%s. Just perfect!

Maren said...

Tara, you have blogged enough about chocolate recently, that you might just be finding your calling. lol. I like the idea of a chocolate blog.