Sunday, July 09, 2006

Astonishing Fairy Book alert:

Thanks for the link from Muddy Red Shoes, - if you like naturalistic fairy art you MUST check out It is all in French (can somebody recommend a good, free translator to download?) but plenty intuitive to navigate. Gorgeous, gorgeous art.... Unfortunately, the US version of Amazon doesn't carry these books over here to put on my wish list (and PG, the latest Helen Ward book you recommended doesn't come out here until March 07. Grrrr.) Where is all that 'small world' stuff when you need it?


Rebecca Bush said...

I Googled and tried one free translator at and it translated their homepage to read:
Dear Amis,
We are not able yet to present our site to you.
But we let us work there of tears off foot!
Right now, we propose some funds of screen to you which, I hope for it, you will make have patience and will give you desire for returning later to discover our work of illustrators.
With very soon.
Erlé Ferronnière & Jean-baptiste Monge

While it's a bit iffy, I think I can figure out the general gist of what they are saying. Except for the "tears off foot" part!

PG said...

It's 'only' 33 Euros, which is kind of in the range of 'treat yourself' presents...oh dear, I've just looked at the bookstore it came from...DON'T LOOK TARA!!!

tlc illustration said...

Gretel - you are EEEEEEEEEvil.:-) Argh... Maybe this can be a treat for me for meeting one of my horrendous upcoming deadlines... There are two volumes at 33 Euros each. Plus shipping... We'll see how well I do.

Rebecca - I love that translation! It's probably good for me that I CAN'T read any of it - which would probably increase my temptation... Thanks for posting it.