Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More abundance - treasure hunting!

Don't you love it when the Universe kind of hands you 'treasures' on a fluffy, velvet pillow? Things that you know were gathered together just for you?

I am a bookaholic - big time! It is one of my biggest weaknesses - and sources of delight. I love books - to read, for reference, for art, photos and illustrations, for understanding, for exploring, for escaping, for fully centering. They always seem a magical, alchemical thing - that can transport you elsewhere, engage your emotionas and imagination, expand your mind, and change the way you see and feel about things... I am always on the look-out for books that tickle my fancy - and it they are used and/or on sale - that is the best!

This week at the library, I checked the used-for-really-cheap-sale shelves (which I check every time I go) - and look what I found! A collection hand-picked for me - and it cost me all of $10. (That is the best part). I was tickled, elated and extremely grateful. I don't really believe in coincidences, and view synchronicity as an indication of 'intelligent design' in our lives.

So - to a loving and aware Universe, thank you. You made my day.


Chris.P said...

I like the books where the publisher has gone to great lengths to make them look authentic. Dragonology is a beautifully illustrated book, as are the Spiderwick chronicles. Check out this website:

Chris :¬)

Tommy-Rocket said...

Oooh! I can't beleive you got a copy of FAeries so cheap!
I've had a copy of that book since 1980! Well, it was my mums, but I knicked it!
He he heeee!

Erica x

Chris.P said...

I take it you prefer the bad faeries then Erica :¬)


andrea said...

I have that Flight of Dragons book (and have frequently seen the Faeries and Giants one). I have a small collection of children's books about dragons, actually. I still look at them though my kids are older and I'm no longer a teacher.

tlc illustration said...

I have all kinds of fantasy illustration books - a penchant of mine. I actually already had a copy of "Fairies", but couldn't let it stay there at that price. I'm sure I can find it a good home.

Chris - we are well-versed in the Spiderwick Chronicles. My daughter had us purchase them each as they came out, and we got to see Holly Black and Tony DT at a reading out here in Seattle -so our copies are all signed and personalized and everything! I love Holly's writing and Tony's illustrative sensibilities. (I would be happy to be them when I grow up...)

I am so drawn to Western European mythos... It seems to be a reoccuring theme for me.

PG said...

Isn't it wonderful when that happens, as if Someone had specially planned it? I am a great believer in synchronicity, or actually, more serendipity - things usally work out for a purpose. That is a brilliant haul of books. Good fishing!

muddy red shoes said...

TLC...try and find this: A La Recherche De Feerie. ISBN 2-911684-41-9 It is quite the most beautifully illustrated book I have ever seen, there are two volumes, its in French and if I was a rich girl I would send you a copy, may be one day! look at
Sarah xx

tlc illustration said...

Oh my gosh Sarah! That is the most amazing website ever! (even if I couldn't read a word of it. I've got to get a translater-thingy for these foreign-to-me sites) What gorgeous illustrations! Pricey, but worth it I suspect. I looked around, but it is not available over here, and in my non-French-speaking state, I don't think I would dare try to navigate on my own... They do sell calendars and things from their website... Hmmm... I must figure out a way to aquire some of that art.

Thanks for the link!

Rebecca Bush said...

Congrats on the books, Tara! Another bookalholic friend of mine also scored at that library sale. The universe is very generous, especially in that particular vicinity. :)