Sunday, July 23, 2006

No working at my house....

I know. I feel like a wimp to complain - but it is HOT here in the Pacific Northwest. We've been having record-breaking or near record-breaking temperatures since Friday (extreme temperatures plus 'stagnant air' warnings in effect at least through tomorrow night - however they keep extending the time frame). I know there are very hot temperatures all over right now, but all these older homes in the PNW (like the one we live in) are NOT air-conditioned, and by early afternoon, feel rather like an oven until many hours after dark - even with every fan in the house going 24/7. Unfortunately, my studio is upstairs, on the western side of my house and is unbearable after early afternoon - so not much in the way of work has happened all weekend. (More of like - afternoons spent trying to lie very still on my bed with two fans blowing on me and me trying not to move... Hubby is gone with the car so we can't even escape to somewhere with air conditioning... We generally have such cool, temperate summers we are UNaclimated to temperatures much over 80 degrees...)

Lots of ice cream being consumed however....

Here's hoping for a cooler tomorrow and that work can resume at its more normal clip!!

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