Friday, August 11, 2006

Quote for the day:

For my drawing classes -

"For those of us who would be fine artists, drawing is still the bottom line. Next to composition, it's the most neglected skill. A drawing a day keeps the cobwebs away. One in the morning before coffee is a credible tonic for a day filled with above average work. Canvas or paper, it matters not. "Good drawing forms the bones on which a strong painting hangs."

Chris Bingle

And for those even more ambitious, like Red Shoes, there are those who made time for a daily painting. Check out her daily painting blog if you have not already.


andrea said...

I frequently sample Red Shoes' work. It's very inspiring to see her consistent work. And thanks for the quote -- it's a keeper.

tlc illustration said...

You're welcome Andrea. And yes, Red Shoes is most impressive and inspirational! I hope to be able to approximate that kind of productivity and facility when I grow up...