Monday, August 14, 2006

The SOSF strikes again!

As we gear up for the official Society of Secret Fairies Autumn swap, a package of foreign origin found its way to my mailbox.

Enjoying its clean, elegant style, I carefully cut into it to expose its contents.

And, Wow!!! What a collection of fairy goodness! These are beautiful samples of Faltazius fairy art (whose website seems to have been absconded by cyber-terrorists). Each lovely piece has an accompanying card in French. (Why did my son insist on taking Spanish instead of French in high school? Will have to find another route of translating).

These are gorgeous and inspirational and I am deeply touched and appreciative. It is lovely being able to lose myself in their atmosphere and detail. (It would have been quite awhile before I may have considered treating myself to such indulgence. I feel very blessed). I love these! Thanks so much to the sending fairy! I recognize your 'foot prints' all over this one.


natural attrill said...

How lovely to receive a parcel like that! Toby and I have joined as "twin natural attrill fairies", looking forward to finding some goodies to send to someone. P.

Maya said...

Beautiful package tlc!!
Fairy magic is spreading everywhere!


Daisy Lupin said...

Hi, I was fluttering over your blog and felt the need to land [the old wings are not as young as they were]. I found you from PG's page, who sometimes comments on my blog. Also I have just joined the SSOF. I was fluttering reading your favourite books [ first thing I do on complete profiles is read that, I'm a book maniac] Then I noticed a name and cheered -Charles de Lint, one of my favourite authors, good to see him in someones list. Also saw your post on the chocolate, those bars are haunting me, have looked at their website, but never would I be crazy enough to buy a BOX of so many bars, that would be asking for disaster. Don't think I have seen this make in England, but will have to check it out. Well, wings are back to flying speed, I'll call back another day, or pop over to my blog some day for visit.

Tommy-Rocket said...

Wow, what a lovely pack.
I've had my faery pack made for ages now...just can't wait to send it to someone.
I've believed in faeries ever since I believe I saw one as a child when I lived in Ireland.


Naturegirl said...

Surely a treasure your package and also this blogsite I came in by way of Daisy..the "fairy queen" I must peek at your fairy must peek
into my "secret garden" where fairies do
hide and play!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

I am thrilled and excited to find your site (through Daisy's). I am amazed every time I come upon one that lists some of the same music, books and movies I also love(I haven't listed even an 1/8th on my site)....SO many kindred faerie spirits out there. Can't wait to gather a parcel together!

PG said...

ah, a fantastic parcel! It's that little pair of Red Shoes, a dead give-away.

tlc illustration said...

Welcome to all newly met fairy friends! Hope to find you all enjoying the SOSF!