Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chocolate alert!

Oh my.

A few months back, I featured my new favorite magazine La Vie Claire . It is gorgeously designed, beautifully photographed and features amazing artists and artisans.

This issue features a stunning article on a premo chocolatier named Norman Love. (You can buy some of his confections online. The year-round 'chocolate club' is only $650/year! Ha!)

I must share the beginning of the article:
"Opening a box of Norman Love chocolates for the first time is an experience akin to discovering a new art form. Colors, vibrant and rich, swirl, shimmer, and sparkle in miniature shapes full of mystery and promise...."

"These sculpted morsels intrigue and delight in the same way that an abstract painting or a sophisticated piece of hand-blown glass might..."

Ahhhhh.... What could be better? Chocolate as art form.

On the illustration front, nothing really new to report. The days continue in much the same way - a bit of a walk, and if I'm lucky, a stroll in the yard/garden at some point during the day. Other than that, it is many, many hours at the studio table. (This week I'm listening to "Sea of Trolls" by Nancy Farmer. Haven't decided if I like it yet. Last week, listened to "The Lady Chapel" by Candace Robb. Moderately interesting medieval mystery - the part I liked best 'though was that the hero was in training to be an apothocary. Fun to read about historical herbology.) This week, only two covers, two full page and 8 spot illustrations due... I'll be thinking of gourmet chocolate....


natural attrill said...

Those chocs look yummy!

andrea said...

Good thing I don't have PMS or this post would've sent me screaming out to find chocolate. Glad you're working -- I'm sure not. But school starts tomorrow...

PG said...

What wonderful creations; could you bear to eat them though? I wonder if I can get that magazine in Borders, they sometimes stock US mags, it looks lovely!
I don't know how I'd get through some of my work without a long audio keeps you sane really, doesn't it? I'm on 'Tuscan Soup' at the moment. Chick-lit.

Naturegirl said...

OMG! This my FAVORITE magazine! Did you view my lastest PINK post where I featured the summer issue!! Oh OH is this the fall issue ....must run out immediately!! Thanks for prompting me to visit this post as you know I am craving chocolate! Did you get into the choc. swap that Ms. Robyn organized?? Oh am I having fun shopping for my partners gift!! NG :)

One Crabapple said...

ohhh wow ow owww

oh myyyy!!!

And hey ! you sound bizzy ! that is good!

Thanks for the tip here...gawd lemme go back now and drool over stuff some more...


tlc illustration said...

PG and naturegirl - yes, it's a terrific magazine. Worth looking up PG. I did see your post naturegirl - it was a perfect pink companion.

Unfortunately, my current work schedule is prohibiting me from swap participation at the moment - but I will see what can be done about that in the nearest future possible!