Friday, November 03, 2006

Good News

This month is starting off encouragingly.

First off, my husband started his new job today (hooray! Paychecks again! Health insurance! An empty house during the day! All good).

And secondly, it looks like my insane deadlines have successfully been juggled a bit. This doesn't mean that I really will have any more personal time - but it will go far in insuring that the illustrations have a chance of turning out well.

In other news, has anyone seen Piglet? It is *pouring* here - with no end in sight. I will soon be reduced to floating about with a honeypot on my head...


Chris.P said...

Are you sure you won't suffer from 'empty nest syndrome'? ;¬)

I'm glad you got some more breathing space on your deadlines.

Hope you had an enjoyable Samhain.

One Crabapple said...

Oh good news Good news !

makes me happy that you shared.


You can go to the grocery and buy any and all that you like
( I understand, I been there!)

SEnding you a paddle for the honeypot !
(wish it would pour here....)

"...while bailing he was sailing and the rain rain rain came down down down..."


tlc illustration said...

Thanks guys. (and S. I'm glad my reference wasn't totally opaque. I got to watch the Pooh videos so many times when my kids were little that all the songs are forever engraved in my head! :-)

Soozcat said...

Yeah, the rain rain rain is coming down down down here too. In sheets and torrents, to be precise. Perhaps we should buy an inflatable life raft just in case.

miss*R said...

I wish it would rain here - we are in severe drought - our dams are at 33% capacity :( - can you ask the faeries to send your rain down here to us?
and congrats on the new job ! that is a blessing :)

tlawwife said...

Wow the house to yourself and more time on the deadline. Way to go. Hope your husband's job goes well.

Gina said...

I'm so happy for you! Congrats to your hubby and to you for meeting your deadline, oh I know how that can be! Whew, you must feel so relevied! honeypot, how cute.

natural attrill said...

Hello, good news about your husbands job and more money. Mine worked here with me for years, this last 6 months he has been working outside our home, and I do like to have the place to myself for a few hours each day. However much one loves someone, it is good to have some space!
I saw piglet a few weeks ago, just finished my Eeyore illustration job, and one of them featured Piglet too! not raining much here at the moment, which is unusual.

tlc illustration said...

Penny- I'm glad at least someone has seen Piglet... They're expecting 6-11 more inches tonight...

PG said...

Great news about your husbands job, not only for the wage but for the space you will have. I would go bonkers if I had Andy underfoot all the time, bless him.

tlc illustration said...

Thanks again for all the well-wishes all of you!

Gina - it's so good to see you on the blogs again. I am sending good wishes for your animations.