Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Art on display -

Awhile back, Andrea over at Colouring Outside the Lines blogged about a local (to me) art show that she was entering. We had discussed the imagery a bit over email, so I had a somewhat proprietary interest in this particular piece.

When I received the show card, I made plans to go visit this painting in person. The church where it is being displayed is just a couple of towns over. It took a bit of hunting and searching - this Episcopal church was built in the 60's and in true Pacific Northwest style, resembles a cedar sided barn more than anything. The chapel, where the art was hung, was huge and rustic but lovely, and has the largest pipe-organ I've ever seen!

Andrea's piece was on the left side wall, amongst other, similarly-themed paintings (Somehow, I had pictured this *larger*, Andrea. Whenever I think of your work along this vein, I picture BIG pieces... It works quite nicely at this scale too, however). It was fun to see its vibrancy and textures 'in the flesh', as it were.

Outside the church, there was this fun border of fish tiles. Salmon feature quite heavily in the local iconology...

Fish, fish, fish...

Did I mention that I quite liked this painting? Luckily for me, Andrea has giclee prints of this piece, and I now have one hanging on *my* wall! Check out her Etsy shop for this and other offerings.


She Who Flies said...

There's nothing like seeing a friend's art for real, is there? Lovely pic of you too! Thanks for your visit and comments.

andrea said...

I love seeing you in front of the painting! (You have great teeth.) There's something a little surreal about it: actual meets virtual.

I was hoping to make a bigger painting for this theme, but as I am such a procrastinator, left it too late. I have to work larger again (my biggest work is 5' x 4') because there's something incredibly freeing about it (and would certainly look better in a church).

Thank you so much for making this post, Tara. What a delightful surprise for me. (Oh -- and that first link to my blog doesn't work. [She said sheepishly because she loves the exposure.])