Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Big Cities - Rome

A miscellany:

The girls managed to stay enamoured of the fountains and the pigeons...

The columns outside the Pantheon were so large that it took four of us to encircle one.

The forum was particularly impressive from the nearly bird's eye view at the rear of the Capitoline museum.

One of my favorite things in the Italian landscape were the improbably picturesque tree shapes silhouetted against the sky - pointed cypress, rounded olives, etc...

Did the ancient Romans think in BIG scale, or what?

I think it was in "Angels and Demons" that I read that Michelangelo designed the uniforms for the Swiss Guard in Vatican City. Dan Brown did not think it was one of his best efforts. :-)


Merisi said...

One picture at a time (so many memories of each of the places you captured in your photographs):
Have you read Ross King's "Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling"?. A non-fiction account of Michelangelo's period in Rome during the Painting of the Sixtine Chapel. Even though I have read many of the books Ross King used as a source, he's writes of the circumstances around Michelangelo's work, the people in high places then, the history of the then still being a jumble of a hundred thiefdoms Italian soil, so compellingly, that I held my breath reading the book, even though I knew how all would come together. I highly recommand it (and his other non-fiction book, "Brunelleschi's Dome", don't even start to ask me about his non-fiction historical thrillers).

tongue in cheek said...

Your pictures sing of Italy! Lovely photos. And fun creative ones too! I like the pointing finger one!