Monday, May 28, 2007

Smaller cities - Cagli

We spent a fun afternoon in the town of Cagli, attending their annual Salami Festival. (Who knew?)

The adamantly vegetarian, fairy-niece insisted that 'salami was nothing to celebrate'!

Despite a vote for animal rights, we meandered amongst tables and tables of rustic looking pork products - salami, prosciutto, pestos, pate, and any number of unfamiliar things that I couldn't quite identity.

One booth had a lard sculpture of a goose (studded with almonds and raisins) which my sister and I were marveling at a bit. The white-uniformed butcher behind the table, noticing our scrutinization of the unlikely goose attempted to see if we approved of the sculpture. "Bella, bella!", my sister agreed. The young butcher raised an eyebrow at us - referring to his goose as beautiful, and removed his cap and declared 'bella Butcher!' with a knowing nod and a wink. We laughed all the way down the block.

I love images that resemble the Greenman in any way. This one resided on the ubiquitous fountain in the always-present piazza...

...which of course, garnered much fairy-niece attention.

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One Crabapple said...

YOu have such wonderful photos from your trip. Some of the ones of the girls are my favorites ! Darling and great inspiration for illustrations!(yours I mean)

This one at the fountain is one of the shots I am talking about.