Monday, June 18, 2007

Garden post - fruit

It has been incredibly cool and drizzly all month thus far. My veggies - the tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, basils, etc... are kind of 'sitting' there not doing anything -

-except producing the occasional flower. But the more established fruiting plants about the yard are much happier.

This is a goumi - touted as an Asian cherry-like bush. Well - the fruit is red, has a stem and a pit - but there the similarity ends. If you let it get VERY ripe, the pectin levels drop enough to make them somewhat enjoyable to eat. Up until then, they make your mouth really pucker!

After an unusually cold winter, my blueberries struggled a bit with winter kill - but there will be berries soon! (well, if it ever warms up).

This is my jostaberry - a cross between a gooseberry and a black current. It is a very enthusiastic grower, and table-ready edible off the bush.

But the thing we are picking this week are the strawberries! Shortcake tonight!

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