Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Green things - in town

Attempts were made to incorporate nature even in the towns-of-stone.

Most commonly you could find pots and pots of geraniums.

But sometimes there would be older, more permanent plantings, like this wisteria.

Or this rose.

You could also find vegetable gardens tucked in the most unlikely of places.

And flowering trees lining the river. We saw lots of this type of tree - with the clusters of small, purple blossoms, and green heart-shaped leaves. I've never seen it before. Anyone know what it is?


Gina said...

It's so lovely it seems like a movie!

Soozcat said...

With the purple blooms and heart-shaped leaves I'd guess some sort of lilac, but with your gardening expertise you'd spot (and scent) lilacs a mile away. Hmm...

Beautiful, beautiful photos.

Joy said...

i think it is bougonvilla, the purple 'blossoms' are really coloured leaves (or is it bracts) and the flower is cream and tiny within the purple leaves. You can buy it as a house plant in the UK but it must be wonderful to see it growing as a tree.

tlc illustration said...

Thanks Joy - but I do know bouginvilla, and it is more of a vigorous vine, not a tree. (It grows in places like California here). Plus the flowers on this tree kind of look like bean or pea blossoms... It's like no tree I've ever seen.

Merisi said...

This is a Jacaranda.
Now you know why I love Italy so much! The beautiful country scenes, and the seasides, are which I love most. To me, even without all those art treasures, Italy would still be my first love.

tlc illustration said...

Thanks Merisi! I've always wondered what a Jacaranda looked like! I've only read about them.

Carol said...

Oh my gosh I so love all your fabulouso photos of gorgeous Italia! It makes me wanna go there right now, but I have to wait until next year September *sigh*