Sunday, July 01, 2007

Excellent Eastern Adventure - MD/PA

I spent a couple of days with my sister and her family. They live in Maryland - very close to the border of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Lovely country there-abouts. Still plenty of farms, fields, and forests.

Another 'indigenous find' in the area.... (I thought it was a joke the first time I saw a sign).

Another local specialty - a fox-hunt bridges across the roads...

I love the backroads here.... They are magic.

My parents lived on the PA side of the border for 14 years in a tiny, beautiful subdivision- which was nearly unchanged.

Their house backed up to beautiful woods and streams. This was our view for the 14 years we lived there. The woods and fields sparkle with fireflies at night (one thing that Seattle is sorely lacking!) I introduced my 4 year old nephew to the fine art of firefly-catching Solstice night (he usually has a very early bedtime - an hour or so before dark this time of year, so he'd never actually 'hunted' them).

Around the corner from the house is this tiny, old, country graveyard - affectionately known in our family as the 'wooing cemetary'- more than one eventual couple had romantic interludes in this location (the sister I was staying with got engaged there).

The 'corner store canine'...

Local color... It was wonderful to be back in the area again, even if only for a day or two...


Autumn said...

Beautiful photos. I live in VA and we have WAWA all around the Hampton Roads area (norfolk va beach newport news williamsburg hampton etc). We also have 7-11 If you move on into TN you will find no 7-11 they have Weigles. Funny how each area is different

CJ said...

Never had a chance to explore the eastern states...I knew I missed a lot! My Mom had an obsession with the southwest so every summer was spent exploring but we only got as far east as Wyoming. I have driven from NY to Oaklahoma but it was during a snowstorm that started in Pennsylvania so didn't see much. Love the pics, they fill in some blanks!