Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Outing - Cedar River (the trails)

After noting and tasting many of the native plants just within the courtyards (Oregon grape, salal, huckleberries, etc...) we moved down the trails towards the lake. It's amazing how many things are edible, isn't it? This was particularly fun for me since my current quest for my yard is to have everything in it edible or medicinal. I have some strictly ornamental plants that were already here when we moved in four years ago, but everything I'm adding has to fit that criteria.

Beautiful cluster of Devil's Claw which grows in the understory of the woods here. Very prickly. Didn't get close enough to know if you could eat this one or not.

We've had an exceptionally rainy week or so here - especially for July in the Pacific Northwest where it rarely rains from July 4th through October. Things are very green and lush for July.

It was a warm day. Our assistant guide was attempting to stay shaded and cool. She looked like she belonged to my Celtic Tree People series. :-)

Another local plant, called Sea Foam - which it does resemble a bit when blooming and back-lit.

It was a gorgeous place and a lovely way to spend a morning. We got to taste more things than I would have thought were edible, and identified many, many more.

Now back to my own yard. There are still raspberries and blueberries and borage blossoms to be picked. And dream about additional edible additions....


ParisBreakfasts said...

Very beautiful pictures Tara
MAkes me feel city living ain't so hot after all...

Naturegirl said...

Tara absolutey that lady could be one of your characters....I see myself with a crown of butterflies..or lavender and Queen Annes Lace! I have made the latter and wore it in my garden as I harvested lavender thinking that I was a flower fairy! What is live without some play and fantasies!
Loved these images ..thanks for sahring!! hugs NG