Friday, July 27, 2007

Weekend Outings - Camlann

Another weekend outing I managed to squeeze in a few weeks ago was to our local medieval village...

According to its website, Camlann Medieval Village "is a living history project of rural England, set in the year 1376, dedicated to interpreting the cultural and artistic heritage of 14th century Europe in all of its colorful complexities. Role-playing villagers, hand-craft demonstrators and skilled musicians portray every day village life; medieval meals and festivals are presented in settings designed to allow visitors to experience firsthand this oft misunderstood period of history."

It really is a fascinating cluster of buildings, land, and very dedicated people living outside of maintstream, contemporary society... There are weekend 'events', classes, tours, festivals and banquets offered throughout the year.

There are at least a half dozen permenant structures, and plans for any number of additions as time and funds allow. We got to wander around the village and chat with the various villagers who were dressed in period clothing and acting completely in character in their chosen role (laborer, scribe, blacksmith, inn-keep, etc...)

The longest standing building there is the Bors Hede Inne which is a dinner 'theater' type of experience.

We stayed for supper - which was delicious. Traditional 14th century food, served on trenchers (no forks in sight) and accompanied by singing and a chatty inn keeper made for a delightful evening.


andrea said...

This place is so YOU. Looks like fun.

Cre8Tiva said...

what a fun place to visit...a permanent renaissance festival...blessings, rebecca

dinahmow said...

I left a part of my heart in BC years ago and now I find myself NEEDING to return and this time, slip south of the border.I'm reading some wonderfully evocative blogs from your neck of the woods.
Keep it coming,please!

Naturegirl said...

I like ~different~ this would have been an evening I'd enjoy! hugs NG

cinderelly said...

i have never been to this! i keep seeing about it year after year, too. when my sisters were here we discussed the ren faire in the bay area and me and my daughter might go. maybe we should check out this one too!