Monday, August 27, 2007

People Watching - Performers

A couple of weekends ago, we spent a nice day at the "Summer Faire", back at Camlann. For me, the best part was watching the people. The most obvious ones to watch were the folks performing -

We watched a medieval-era play. Here is one of the narrators.

The village smithy - hard at work.

Period-specific singers...

"Master Fletcher" - one of the 'presenters'. 'Got to watch various arrow-shooting contests.

And the amazing "Master Payne" - jongleur extraordinaire!


Merisi said...

This looks like so much fun! Did you ever manage to go to the Renaissance Festival near Annapolis, Maryland? It started again this weekend.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

CJ said...

Oh my gosh...this reminds me of growing up in Laurel Canyon in the late '60's. I used to babysit for the couple who started the first Renaissance Fair and always went along for several years ... until life got in way! I loved the whole scene, especially the costumes! Sigh ... pity this whole growing up stuff. Your photo's bring back many memories - now I really sound old! Love these last few posts but have much catching up to do with all the rest.

leslie said...

I have truly been enjoying some visits here lately. Beautiful photographs. Great blog.

Soozcat said...

Ah, I love Master Payne!

Miss V enjoyed everything, but her personal favorites were archery and scents. I fear she talked the ear off the poor lady who was selling perfumes.

annie kelleher said...

love your pictures!! thank you for your kind words re - my aunt katherine...thanks for visiting my blog... i've bookmarked yours - i love your art!

Naturegirl said...

This looks like you did have a great time getting into the performing arts!Such colorful costumes!It is a joy to attend these outdoors!
hugs NG

Gina said...

Oh thank you for the terrific pictures, must have been quite the time! Oops, there was a put there wasn't it, time!

natural attrill said...

Looks fun!

ParisBreakfasts said...

These pictures are FABULOUS!
What fun.
So much inspiration :)