Thursday, August 23, 2007

We interrupt this break... shake our heads in amazement at the craziness of the weather!

For the first half of the week we all wondered when it became October? Rainrainrain, grey, and chilly-cold. Sweaters and thick socks.

It rained so heavily on Sunday that the local streams rose over their banks and flooded the roads (and a few basements) for a few hours.

Overall, it has been a remarkably cool and damp August...

But the sun has come out again - bringing the heat with it. Maybe I'll get some summer squash and cherry tomatoes this month after all.

I did get to harvest enough flowers and herbs for a yummy salad for dinner.*

And now back to our regularly scheduled studio time...

*Garden salad ingredients:
Greens: leaf spinach, rustic arugula, climbing spinach, garden sorrel, salad burnett
Herbs: creeping golden oregano, spicy globe basil, chives, chervil, parsley, cilantro
Flowers: marjoram, viola, scarlet runner bean, borage, calendula, garlic chives, purple chives, and sweet cicely.

Best served with a sweet dressing - poppy seed, raspberry vinaigrette or my current favorite - Sesame pear!


Britt-Arnhild said...

Your salad is exactly like I would have made it in The Blue Café :-)

Erica-Jane said...


That salad looks fit for a faery!


dinahmow said...

Now that my toes are all better(thanks for asking) I'm going to put on my walking shoes and pop over for some salad. Oh...wait a minute...there's an ocean in the way!
Looks lovely.

Lisa Oceandreamer S. said...

Thus is the way of the Pacific Northwest. Is there ever a middle ground? (I'm in Calif, it's overcast right now but you can never tell from the morning what the day will actually be)
That salad looks positively fresh and delicious!
I can feel the sparks flying from your studio....

annie kelleher said...

i've been enjoying the lovely images on your blog and wanted to tell you the salad made my mouth water! ty for your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Lovely salad, I think I'll have to see what I have in the kitchen.

cinderelly said...

what a lovely salad! i love your cute little recipe...sounds delicious!