Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Still Stuck in the Studio...

...where Mia has taken up permanent residence on top of my file box of fairy 'stuff'.

Hope to be back next week sometime (BIG deadline on Tues.)



Julie Schuler said...

Pretty Kitty! Looks like one I have- Hugo- he's a scaredy-cat. It doesn't look like anything is going to budge Mia!

Chris.P said...

Good luck with the deadline Tara.

I just got my first commissions in months. It's with Macmillan books so I'm quite excited. trouble is I have only a week for the first one. It's straight to finals. It is a crazy workload but I need the money.

Take care.


Merisi said...

Is she warming your toes too?
Good luck with your work deadline, and see you soon!

natural attrill said...

Sweet pic of Mia.
Good luck with the deadlines!

CJ said...

Love that cat...she looks like good company for a deadline. All the best with the work

dinahmow said...

Lovely, calm Mia. I now have to shut the kittens out of here.They are too rumbunctious!(But lovavble)

Naturegirl said...

Purzzzzzz...Mia..just the purrrrrfect
spot for a sleep! I am so enjoying your lavender gifts!!Come see!
hugs and purrrrzzzz NG xo

Elizabeth said...

I love cats