Monday, April 28, 2008


It is over. Done. Scanned. Sent.

I am spent. And am going to bed (about 6 hours earlier than has been the case this past few months..)

You can see the cover of the first book in this new series here.

Remind me *never* to work on a schedule like this one again. Ever.

Good night...


Soozcat said...


You are done! I'm so glad!

She Who Flies said...

Congratulations Tara!!!
You've achieved an amazing feat.
Now go, rest up and play.... a lot!

Last night, I too completed the last tight deadline in a very long series.
So I'm enjoying that sense of freedom and relief just as much as you are :-)

The cover is gorgeous, by the way!

roz said...

Never work on a schedule like this again. =o)
The cover is gorgeous.

andrea said...

Now that you have the reputation of a producer of quality under pressure you can call the shots! (The horse is good -- they're tricky unless you've drawn them a million times before -- like I did in the margins of my school notebooks! :) Congrats.

Kirk said...


natural attrill said...

Well done!
Hope you've planned yourself some self indulgent treats to celebrate.

dinahmow said...

Welcome back to the world, Tara.
Bye for now...I am under the gun to get prints done for shows.

Ash said...

Sleep long and guilt free! Indulge in treats like cooking a meal without pressure, walking Jack, breathing fresh air...though in our case today that would be breathing hailstones - Happy May Day!

michelle said...

Hooray!!! That is so cool Tara. I hope you are sitting in the sun in the garden as I write this. I know you've missed your flowers and herbs terribly.

Hayden said...

wow! very very cool - congratulations!!