Friday, July 25, 2008

Breyerfest - Part II

First thing next morning, I got to make an unscheduled (to me at least) TV appearance on the local news doing a promo for Breyerfest and the Wind Dancers (the series I am illustrating) with one of the Breyer VP.s.

(How cool is this for a TV station?)

The room where we were filmed looked about like you'd expect - different sections for weather, news, and interviews. Lots of cables on the floors. Cameras pointing from all directions.

It was just a brief 3 minute or so blurb, and I'm sure I sounded like a dork, but it was a new experience and kinda fun to be on that end of things.

Besides the actual 'fest' - there were lots of other Breyer-model hysteria about. Swap meets and sales and 'exhibits'.... It was a little overwhelming.

The folks who collect these horses, paint, 'model', decorate, 'dress', etch, build environs for and more!
The Holiday Inn was completely full of after-hours showing and trading. The entire hotel was filled with collectors who had transformed their rooms into show-swap-and-sell arenas... It went on and on - grandmothers who started collecting decades ago, then their daughters, then their daughters - and they all attend together!

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