Friday, July 25, 2008

Breyerfest - Part IV

Here is the 'craft tent' where I spent most of my festival time -

-my corner of the tent adorned with large banners of my covers (as well as my Very Important fan!)

I also shared tent space with the delightful Bonnie Bryant - author of the Saddle Club books.

(Here is me signing away...)

They also had sets of 'Wind Dancer' wings for the girls to decorate - some of them had me sign those as well.

(Here is one darn-tootin' cute fairy-horse girl)

Will, Breyer employee and tent helper extrordinaire - was game for anything.

I spent every inbetween-signing moment working on a painting for the silent auction.

Painting in hot, humid, fan-blown air was also a new experience, but apparently the end result went over well... Still waiting to hear the auction results. You can also read my publisher's blog entry on the festivities (the lovely Elizabeth who wrote it, got to get around and see more than I did).


PG said...

Tara, look at you, celebrity artist! :) You look in your element.

Hayden said...

wow, looks like it was a great time!

clairesgarden said...

love the painting, what a lovely thing to give to an auction, hope it went for loads!! I love the Breyer horses, though I don't have one I'm often tempted and they cost much less to keep than the real thing!!