Saturday, July 12, 2008

Studio Spotlight -

This week I made a visit to the studio of Kathleen Kemley, one of my POBL cohorts. She generously volunteered to help me lay out initial sketches on a new book project of mine (I am sort of over-scheduled [what's new, you ask?] and she is killer-fast at this).

She lives in a darling house (complete with gardens and backyard chickens - she's one of my role models!), full of original pieces of art and inspired accents.

Her [very clean and orderly] studio is lovely - filled with character and light. A terrific combination of functionality and personality.

It's especially fun to see someone, whose work you are quite familiar with, in their 'natural habitat'. :-)

Studio details... (I am totally coveting her light fixture.)

It was a lovely afternoon of fabulous surroundings, good company and a big head-start on my latest project. Thanks Kathleen!


d. moll, said...

What a lovely working visit must have been, are you back on schedule?,BTW the pic does not do justice to the fridge if you thought it organized!

PG said...

NICE studio. I wish I hadn't seen it, as I cannot now start work until my flea pit is tidy!

She Who Flies said...

Thanks for this lovely studio visit! Sounds like you had a fab time.

Rebecca Bush said...

Thanks for sharing a peek into Kathleen's studio. Very beautiful.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Looks like a perfect place for inspiration, and friendship.

Kathleen said...

I'm so happy that you think my studio is clean and orderly, it often doesn't feel that way!