Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pet Inspired Art Show

One thing Seattle does not have a shortage of is coffee shops. The upside of this is that there are many, many public places that need things upon their walls! Many of the local shops, cafes and restaurants display rotating original art.

One such establishment is Fuel, an aptly, if somewhat obviously named spot.

Beyond the usual highly caffeinated beverages, they boast collections of vintage fuel decor as well as a variety of thematic merchandise (including baby onesies emblazoned with Fuel logo). They also host art shows.

This month, my friend and POBL-mate Rebecca Bush has a solo exhibition.

This show is based on pets, or other animals of import she has had. Each is somewhat anthropomorphisized and has an absolutely charming write-up. (She promises that all will be put on her site after the show is over. I hope so - they are delightful.).

A number of my critique group met with Rebecca at the coffee shop to enjoy the show together and spend an hour or so visiting (and in my case, going over horse sketches with my group's more expert horse-anatomists).

One quote from Rebecca: In my painting [one cat] is playing the piano, something I used to do at that point in time. And so I am starting to find that some of my pet portraits are becoming self portraits. It’s interesting how that happens. Memories of my life then blend together with memories of my pets. It’s sort of like anthropomorphic sideways.

But considering that I grew up as a cat, living in my leopard suit, this is to be expected, I suppose. Animals and imagination are a big part of who I am

Rebecca has also blogged about the creation (and here, then here) and hanging of this show. She has much better pictures of it (there were too many patron heads in my wide shots). It is lovely reading how healing and cathartic this creation was for her.

Tomorrow: *My* Rebecca-commissioned originals.


d. moll, said...

Looks like a fun show, love the Portrait of the Young Artist as a Leopard LOL.

Rebecca Bush said...

Thanks for coming over and checking out my show!

Merisi said...

I love visiting coffee shops that display original art on a rotating basis. Having your coffee and your art too, a wonderful opportunity to nourish body and soul!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Leopard"! Adorable! This looks like a show that Edward and I would have loved!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Her work looks fab !!!