Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Illustration Master Class - again

If you are interested, they have just posted a fairly comprehensive sampling (about 3/4s of the student body) of the finished art from The Illustration Master Class here. There are some pretty impressive pieces. It was fun seeing so many of these develop from scratch.

Have a gander.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Great link.

Chris.P said...

Quite astounding Tara!

...but nothing in plasticine I notice:¬)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This image is entrancing. I'm off to prowl around the entire site.

The Ms. S said...

These are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

(Yours certainly stands up well in the group. Very original)

ruthie said...

a real treat, does your wee painted man have any kind of a name? v intriguing. ruthie.

Kim said...

Wow, some amazing work there, especially those with extreme perspective. Very inspiring, thanks for sharing it :)

Kim x

Maddy said...

Well I'll go and take a peek!