Thursday, September 25, 2008

Retreat 2008 - Part VII

Our retreat 'mascot' is the cabin owner's Great Dane, Matisse.

He is an imposing presence - in both size and deep-throated bark -

-but really a pussycat, very loving and cuddly. Really thinks he should be a lap dog.

I am always impressed with his contortions - he's so lean and short-haired that his anatomical structure is easy to see (we draw him a lot).

And he may have the largest paws of any dog on the planet!

We certainly feel safer having him around.


leslie said...

What a sweetie. Love the front leg stretch pose.
They do think they are lap dogs, don't they?

That linoleum is from my childhood! I think every aunt of mine had that in the kitchen!

Jennifer Rose said...

gorgeous dog :) Every big dog that I have had has wanted to be a lapdog lol

Vickie said...

Love the stretch! He does look imposing and would certainly make me feel safer having him around.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I actually whispered "wow" out loud.

Hayden said...

what a sweet-faced boy! Looks big enough to counter-surf snacks while pretending to be innocent, LOL!