Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Books of the season -

Last year I posted about some of my seasonal picture book pics. While Greg Couch's illustrated Halloween probably remains my all-time favorite, Adam Rex's book: Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich (which is also terrific) has recently come out with a sequel:

You can see it here on Amazon - complete with a cheesy, Adam-Rex-made promotional video.

In fact, Adam Rex (as Irene Gallo so aptly describes "Come to think of it, the reason Adam Rex tickles me so is that for every two parts funny, he’s one part WTF") has all kinds of interesting related things, including blog entries from the Headless Horseman, and lounge-singing, musical videos from the Hulk.



Koldo said...

I love Adam Rex monster books! They make me feel like a kid :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This picture made me laugh!

Merisi said...

Happy Halloween, Tara!

Thank you for a really good laugh,
Adam Rex is really funny. I shall take note of his new book. :-)

I published some images today which made me think of you when I photographed them. Guess why! ;-)

The Ms. S said...

I took a look at Greg Couch's book on the Amazon site. I love that they have it set up so that you can view a few pages of the book.
Looks truly delightful.

Adam Rex is a very funny man. :)