Saturday, October 04, 2008

Faery Finery-

Back again after a week at my parents'. Busy times, lots of family and food. HAD to stay busy - in order to stay distracted from the fact that my son is indeed now out on his own...

I spent the last couple of days with my mother working on faery costumes for my nieces. Each niece designated what type of faery she wished to be for Halloween, and chose material from my mother’s vast and lush fabric collection.

The older niece wanted to be a somewhat Gothic ‘night’ fairy and chose colors in the purple family.

We had great fun layering colors and textures, cutting and fraying as we went. The front of the skirt is shorter than the back. (Taking a leaf from the wonderful wearydrearies book as inspiration, albeit theirs is an ‘older’ look).

Close up of the lined, velvet, laced bodice.

(It’s not showing up well in this photo, but the bodice edges are lined with sparkling black beads as well as some beading on the velvet itself. I wish I had three more days there - just to embellish!)

The younger niece wanted to be a ‘dragonfly’ fairy and picked bright, shiny, iridescent fabrics.

Again, layers and layers of textural, eye-candy deliciousness.

How cute is the shape of this little lace-up bodice? Unfortunately I had to hop a plane before getting to bead this one (but I left detailed ‘suggestions’ of where the iridescent leaves and glass turquoise teardrops should go).

Still to come – matching drawstring bags, head apparel, wands and wings. I am lobbying for photo updates!

[Ed. update: I must amend and point out that my mother is the seamstress and apparel artist. I try to avoid anything to do with a sewing machine. I just designed and cut out the skirts and the embellishments. Give me a glue gun or a beading needle. That's as far as I go!]


stocks said...
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Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

ooooo, these are gorgeous tara! i can't believe you made them. the gothic faery is my favorite!!

Jennifer Rose said...

these are gorgeous outfits! hmm gives me an idea of what to dress up for at Halloween :)

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Works of art! Sorry we couldn't hook up. (We've been busy with our own work of art).

Sandi McBride said...

Oh to be a little girl again and have you for a favorite Aunt! I'm sure you are theirs! Lovely needlework, beautiful faery for a little faery dust and we're ready set to go!

d. moll, said...

These are so, so, just so lush! I'm lobbying for a photo update too!!!!!!!!

Michelle Palmer said...

They'll be the most gorgeous in all of fairyland! What sweet treasures they'll have to save & remember you & your mom as they grow!
I'm not looking forward to the days when our children begin to go off for extending amounts of time~ you have done a fantastic job, mom...what a special gift he is sharing!
Wishing you the best~

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous. They'll be a hit where ever they go! Love their color choices.

tory said...

The girls are thrilled. So am I, these are beautiful!

Hayden said...

what lucky little girls, what gorgeous fairy costumes.

most fabulous of all, that they were encouraged to decide "which kind of fairy" they would be... nothing generic!

Gina said...

Love them, they are just dreamy!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Why oh why can't I dress like this everyday??

Merisi said...

Oh Tara, you and your mother are a dream team! Lucky lucky lucky nieces,
such gorgeous costums. I want one too! ;-)

Bronwyn, said...

How absolutely gorgeous & wonderful!

What lucky little girls. I hope these costumes will be kept & treasured.

My favourite's the gothic fairy costume, too.