Friday, December 12, 2008

An egg-citing event -

I have a short deadline reprieve - I've submitted the last of my sketches and now need to wait for approvals (or revisions) before I can move forward. SO -I'm going to update you on an eggstremely happy happenstance -

Jasper, the americana chicken, has also started laying!

When I went out to check the laying boxes in the coop, Jasper came charging in - and gave me 'the eye'.

She seemed quite proud of her accomplishment (here she is pointing out her contribution).

So, now I am getting *three*, rainbow hued eggs a day. (This first one of Jasper's was rather oddly shaped and a bit mottled. They are more uniformly shaped and colored now. A lovely, near celadon green).
I'd better get my desk cleared and the studio tidied before my reprieve is over. Ok, one mug of hot chocolate first.

Bottoms up.


Anonymous said...

Too cool! Enjoy the reprieve!

d. moll, said...

The eggs are gorgeous and so are the fluffy butts. I am always amazed at the huge personality of chickens. I guess brain size really doens't have anything to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Still, I wander, chookless through this unfriendly vale...
Well, something like that! But at least I can look at these pics!

The Ms. S said...

I love the colour of the new egg. And their cute, fluffy bottoms!

clairesgarden said...

my friend has bought some chooks that should be laying pale blue/green eggs next year. she has some that lay dark brown eggs and they're my favourites, they taste better sure!!

cinderelly said...

the chickies are so pretty and so are the eggs!