Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, Shine already!

Shiny, sunny meadow spot - wishful thinking in gloomy, chilly January weather, when the sunlight is a rarity and grey drizzle, the norm.

But, fret not! Cheer is on the way! In case you have missed the 'Internet phenomenon' that is flamboyant musician Chris Dane Owens with his glittery green guitar and his lavishly cheesy music video, Shine:

If you are now scratching your head in bewilderment (or feel the need to scour your eyeballs), there is help. Hilarious translation of the jump-cut video storyline is provided over on Or you can read the 'official' description by the ivory-maned artist here. (which is almost a let down after the first, brilliant explanation).

Shine on, people!


Kala said...

Beautiful sunny painting, just what we need right now :D

off to check out the video...

Jessie Lilac said...

Hi Tara, What a lovely sunny picture! I came to your blog through Sarah's. Your artwork is beautiful.x

BOKY said...

Lovely illustration, a truly needed sight in January!:)

The video you posted is hillarious!:D Also good to brighten a cold gray day ;)

Jennifer Rose said...

would love some sunshine here, pretty grey and foggy out

what an...odd video. My eyes are fine but don't know if my ears will recover :p

Tanja said...

ROFL -- both explanations of the video are awesome!

Gloomy, chilly should come down and visit Texas sometime. :) Today was bright and cheerful with blue, blue skies. No clouds once the fog burned off this morning. Just a bit of ice here and there in those ever dark shaded areas untouched by sun.