Sunday, January 25, 2009

" sleep, perchance to dream?..."

The post-project-lurgy continues relatively unabated. All I seem to want to do is sleep. Wish it was making more of a difference.

So as to not feel completely like a slug, I am spending a few hours sitting in the studio, keeping up with email and sorting through notebooks and old issues of Artist's Magazine and Realms of Fantasy, etc... Lots of backlogged filing.

Feeling some blog-neglect-related guilt as well, it occurs to me that I have about eleventy-hundred spot illustrations that have been published and I have no real venue to ever use them for again. So, if there is any interest, I may attempt posting a-spot-a-day or some thing until I have depleted my vast spot store.

So, what do you think? Any interest? (I'll check back later. Bed is calling).

No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap. ~Carrie Snow


J.L.Meyer said...

LOVE the cute stuffed horsie.
Nice style.

Well if they all involve girls with cute stuffed ponies you could write Hidden city games and see if they would want some sorta secondary publishing rights.

d. moll, said...

Yawn, I'm going back to bed......

Rebecca Bush said...

Resting, sorting through things, those are the perfect activities for this time while Mercury is retrograde!
I posted a bit about this on my website
Next week things will pick up a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

Do share the spots!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. your Mom

Michelle Palmer said...

These are very sweet! I'm glad you have shared them! :)
Large projects do have a way of wearing us's good that you're sleeping~ the next one will be tapping on your door soon!
Wishing you a wonderful week!

Jennifer Rose said...

Please post them, I would love to see :D

tlawwife said...

What is a spot illustration? Love to see anything you do so bring them on.

Anonymous said...

Hi.. saw you on twitter through Cathy's stuff (my cousin) . I need a good artist who might be willing to 'donate' a fairy work for my front cover children's book called 'The wandering fairy.' The book will be discussed on my Feb 7 show at Just go to and enter miss x or 'wacky world of..' the show page will come up. It is heard at 11 pm eastern time every saturday night. I found that a got a terrible migraine headache off and on for into 4 days now! From too much sleep.. I just kept sleeping because my eyes kept closing! Can still be lethargic after two days of 10-12 hrs sleep.

My twitter is:

moreidlethoughts said...

Sorry to hear of your miseries, Tara, but this might help:
I hope the link works!

Merisi said...

I love these illustrations and am looking forward to seeing more!

I am glad you are getting more sleep now, but if you still feel not energized, I would recommand a brisk long walk in the morning. Does wonders to me. I feel so much more ready to conquer the world when I have spent some time outdoors.

ruthie said...

a spot-a-day would be a perfect excuse to both appease your blog-neglect-related guilt & my wish to see more of your beautiful illustrations ;-)

sketched out said...

Mark me down as very interested! These are so beautiful! She looks so peaceful, now I want to go to sleep early. Too bad I'm still at work, hee hee!

Starry said...

"No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap."


Very gentle and lovely illustrations, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of them! Also, I envy you for your courage at catching up with e-mail/filing.

Is there a way to follow this blog? All I see is the RSS feed. I'd prefer updates in my blogger inbox.

Catherine Somerlot said...

I'm feeling very sluggish so far this year, too. Sleep is my friend (when I'm not dealing with insomnia!) And creativity is not really flowing yet. Maybe we need some warm, fresh air!

The girl all snug in bed is so me a happy homey feeling inside :)