Thursday, February 12, 2009

Comfort Food -

There is not much that I like better than chocolate chip cookies...
Well, unless it is homemade soup when it is chilly out - like it is in February. I love soup. I try to have some homemade soup on hand throughout the winter.

The content of this week's concoction was decided by me being terribly lazy and scrounging from what was at hand. The first ingredient being dried 'gourmet mushrooms' (they come in large containers from Costco. About a half dozen of 'gourmet' varieties.) Here they are reconstituted, looking yummy and ready to chop.

Sauteed some crushed garlic and a shallot in butter, then added the mushrooms. Thickened with a bit of flour and then added the juice of a lemon.

I had a pot of very savory home-made chicken stock heating up at the same time.

When it was near boiling I added a couple of well-beaten eggs (generally one uses just the yolk, but I have *lots* of eggs. And don't mind the entire egg included if thoroughly beaten.)

Added the mushrooms and spiked with a bit of red pepper and parsley. SO good.
The only thing that can make this better is to eat with crusty bread (in this case, a Artisan's Rosemary Round. MmmmMmmmm....)
So many kinds of soups, so few cold, wintry months... Well, maybe I take that back. There are more than enough wintry months, but thank goodness for comfort foods.


Chris.P said...

It's a good job they don't serve your soup at homeless shelters 'cos everyone would be on the streets:¬)

Is there no end to your talents? :¬) I expect you have a perfect singing voice too:¬)

Vickie said...

Looks yummy. I think I'll be making soup and cookies this weekend. After Tuesday, I won't be eating solids for awhile. I'm starting a major dental process, yuck! Have a good day!!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

I believe I can actually smell the savory aroma from here. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, that looks good!--Ross

andrea said...

If I leave now I can just make it in time for lunch... :)

The Ms. S said...

Wow, that's mouthwatering...all the way from northern Alberta!

natural attrill said...

Yum, that soup sounds really delicious!

Hayden said...


Tatiana said...

Yes, Chris.P, she does have a perfect singing voice, unreal huh! Tara, you should come visit us in Texas, it isn't cold here, but we would sure enjoy a pot of that scrumptious soup!!

Soozcat said...

That soup looks luscious.

Miss V, btw, has had her first egg (fried, over easy) from one of your chickies. She pronounced it very good. I'll have one (scrambled) for brekky tomorrow, I think. Thanks for letting us try some!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Don't you just love the way a pot of great simmering soup makes the house smell? Yum.