Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Field trip - Part 4

Here's the next addition in the cool-artist-environs posts! :-)

Richard Jesse Watson's studio is a fervent mixture of diverse, creative sundries.

Art and objects galore!

We enjoyed poking around and looking at *everything* - from art books to original art to sketchbooks to experimental pieces.

Every inch was filled with fun, and 'stuff'. (Like mine is filled with stuff. Just not as fun of stuff. And mine's not nearly as large so that it *can* be filled with so much fun stuff. [Insert pout?]).

We asked lots of questions and got enthusiastically answered and shown ever so many wonderful things and exposed to new and interesting ideas -

Like a whole counter full of objet d'art (or rather found objects being transformed into flying saucers... Why not??)
Maybe if I feed my studio more, it will grow up big and tall like Richard's...?


ruthie said...

Such a fascinating place, could spend hours getting lost in there. I love how seeing an artists space gives another take on their character.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This was so much fun. Thank for taking us along. I am now sitting here with a head full of spinning top ideas and nowhere to put them!

cinderelly said...

what a lovely field trip! and a beautiful place to live! i love the little artistic details in the house, like the tile and the driftwood log in the kitchen. that lunch looked fantastic too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag-along, Tara.
About feeding your studio...just be very careful not to give it junk food or you may end up with something like the muddle I have!

Jennifer Rose said...

what a fabulous studio! looks like a great place to spend a few days :D

Hayden said...

What a fabulous series of posts! so inspirational!

Tanja said...

I love the chance to catch a glimpse of artists' studios. Thanks for sharing! :)

Just curious -- did you get any new insights from Richard about egg tempera painting?