Friday, February 06, 2009

Field trip - Part 5

*Last* installment of the field trip outing. I promise!

After our full-day-of-art-fun most of us spent the night in downtown Port Townsend in a thematic Victorian hotel. A couple of POBLites left early the following morning to visit a local silk painting artist's studio while the rest of us enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then hit the cute downtown by foot. The main street sports a number of historical Victorian buildings and shops and runs parallel to the Puget Sound shoreline a few yards away. Lots of fun details -

-Such as a number of the buildings also sport vintage looking advertising painted over their brick or concrete block sides -

-and signage full of character -

-even fun, neo-steampunk street musicians. :-)

-as well as dozens of delightful places to eat (this deli features Port Townsend Chocolates! Big yum - chili-cinnamon fudge. Delectable delight!)

After our fill of walking, shopping and eating, we met back up with our POBL cohorts and headed down to the ferry across the 'Sound to home.

Ah.... Wonderful field trip!


Jennifer Rose said...

thank you so much for posting about your trip :D So many lovely things to look at

andrea said...

I've never been to Port Townsend but now I definitely want to go. Hmmm -- it's probably only a two hour drive...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your field trip. It was wonderful!