Friday, February 20, 2009

Life Drawing -

Where has this week gone? Daughter on school break so there has been much eating out and seeing of movies (Push. Coraline - in 3D. Inkheart. All enjoyable distractions). It's also been sunny and warmish - so some yard work has happened.

I've also been trying to do some personal artwork (currently a fun-scary version of Baba Yaga. Will post sketches in a few days).

And I continue with the Life Drawing. Short poses this week. I'm pleased with how far I'm getting with the 20 minute poses. Many are still completely: Fail - but some are coming more easily... Hooray for small victories.


Merisi said...

I shall call you forthwith Leonarda da Seattle! :-)

Is your husband travelling to Apulia? Wherever, if you want to let me know I shall see if I could recommend you any areas to see wherever he goes.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Jessie Lilac said...

Great life drawings, you're making me think I ought to start going to mine again! I like the sound of the Babayaga picture, I'm looking forward to seeing it.x

Jennifer Rose said...

I really want to see Coraline.

those are very nice drawings, looking forward to your version of Baba Yaga

Chris.P said...

That's great work Tara. Your life drawing just gets better and better.

Sandi McBride said...

I would say I envy you your talent but envy is a sin...lets just say that I wish I could draw even a decent looking stick figure and leave it at that?

Maddy said...

That's no small victory dearie. I tried taking the 20 minute approach to throwing a pot, with similarly hit and miss and results, so perhaps I understand more than I thought!

My son went to see Coraline with 3-D glasses yesterday. I was scared that he'd be afraid, but fortunately it was a big hit.

andrea said...

Great progress, Tara. That last one with the foreshortening is really good!