Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School Visit -

Spent a lovely afternoon with Mrs. Olson's very enthusiastic 4th grade class at Stillwater Elementary today. They've been reading "Fablehaven" so besides the 'life of an illustrator' we talked about drawing fairies and fantastical nature-based creatures.

Started with a power-point presentation, and then looked at my website samples of such creatures.

Brought a stack of recent fairy books to show print samples (Oooos and Aaaahhhhs)

We talked about working methods and had a nice Q&A.

While they worked on their projects, I demonstrated painting in watercolor for those interested.

After signing many autographs for many appreciative students (who sent me home with a multi-signed thank you card, potted cyclamen and box of French truffles!), we called it a day.
What a nice group of kids.


YowlYY said...

You did a brilliant job! It is lovely to see kids interested in arts, a wonderful way to express oneself :)

Michelle Palmer said...

You shared such an awesome part of yourself with them! I LOVE the photo where they're all in front of interested! So engaged... focused! How many budding artists, writers, publishers you touched? :)
Your new illustrations are amazing! I LOVE the frog in Baba Yaga's hand...looks like it just took a big "GULP"~
Amazing work...thank you for sharing peek~
So glad your journals arrived & you like them! Hugs n' Many Thanks~
Hope your day is wonderful...

Sandi McBride said...

Oh how fascinated I would have been were someone as talented as you to come visit the classroom...wish you could visit Arianna's school!

Shannon said...

Fun! And how wonderful to teach the kids about ART!

Of all the stack of books that you brought I have to say the best is Happy Birthday Jesus -- yes, we are biased being the models for it and all :)

Naturegirl said...

Tara What a thrill that was for students to meet you the illustrator of these wonderful books that I too am a fan of and have passed on to my grandchildren!
You are queen of the fairy folk and make believe world.I would want you to sign my collection had I been there! HUgs a fan NG xo

The Ms. S said...

Wow, having someone come in who actually illustrated fairy tales would have been a dream come true when I was in grade school.

Lucky kids! :)