Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pat's Day!

'Had a very enjoyable St. Patrick's Day evening with some of my fellow POBLites who were having an arty evening.

A few of us went to dinner at a very atmospheric, old and renovated firehouse-turned-restaurant. In one of the dining rooms, Jo Gershman is having a mini-solo-show of her lovely still lifes (is that the plural of still life? lives? life's?) this month.

After dinner, we walked a couple of blocks to the independent book store down the street where Kathleen Kemly was being featured in a holiday book event -reading "Shannon and the World's Tallest Leprechaun" -

- followed by Irish step dancers, gold and green treats and a shamrock hunt.

Then she got to sign books for her admirers (which include all of us. Way to go Kathleen!).
And since it is St. Paddy's day, I will end here with my absolute favorite Celtic musician for your viewing and listening pleasure. Enjoy!

(and a patched together Bonny Swans - I don't know if a complete version of this exists? I adore the visuals on this though:)


d. moll, said...

And the mummer costumes were quite nice too!, Happy St. Pat's :~)

Hayden said...

wow, now that was a series of st. pat's events that actually sounds fun! I'm afraid most of the parties /events I've done in the past have just given the event a bad name for me.

(and thanks for posting clips of music that we can control. I like listening, but HATE loading a blog and finding the music I'm listening to already being overwhelmed by a crashing collision of competing sounds from the music someone else has decided I should hear..)

sketched out said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing. Also thanks for sharing some Loreena McKennitt. I love her!!!!

natural attrill said...

I like your green scarf!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gotta love Lorena!
Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!
And Happy first of Spring!