Saturday, May 23, 2009

An outing ....

I'm supposed to be increasing my activity level every day - so I went on an outing yesterday. My daughter drove us downtown Bellevue to a spiffy new theater to see a matinee of Star Trek.

(One advantage to living in the Seattle area is the preponderance of Chihuly glass sculptures scattered about the area -this one right outside the theater).

The theater was lovely- wide, reclining leather seats (that I still found uncomfortable to sit on. Dratted lingering surgery side-effects!), incredibly entertaining movie. Fun company.

To further the fun, we drove a few blocks to the old downtown to scope out a couple of treat shops -

The first stop was Fran's Chocolates - lots of homemade, dark chocolatey goodness. The Laundry Faerie gave me a box of them awhile back and I've been craving their sea salt caramels ever since.

We then walked another couple of blocks down to the cute little French bakery - full of luscious pastries, chocolates and gelato. So many choices! Ack!

I came home with a small stash of deliciousness and promptly crashed. That was more than I apparently had the stamina for, but... did I mention sea salt caramels!? Worth it.


Anonymous said...

Love Chihuly glass! Am sure I would love sea salt caramels, too!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day and what a beautifully illustrated post. I'm jealous and hungry - not of your surgery, but of the candy! Do you think they'll have taste-able Internet anytime soon? Maybe, you could just smash one of those caramels right onto the screen? :p

Soozcat said...

I'd underwrite THAT technology. Om nom nom.

Jennifer Rose said...

I love that glass, so colourful! :D

those macaroons look great :) hope you recover from your day soon

The Garden Ms. S said...

What a lovely daughter to take you out on such a *sweet* day trip :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun way to spend time with your daughter! I like the idea of tastable internet as well. I think Willy Wonka was working on tastable tv. Maybe the internet guys should get together with him!

Ash said...

Hey, you MUST be feeling better! Hope the recovery continues and you are soon back to full strength - keep taking the sea salt caramels

Jessie said...

I'm glad to hear you had a lovely day out and came home with well deserved goodies! Hope you feel better soon.x

Naturegirl said...

Tara! Oh my word those treats make my mouth water! Sea salt carmels..sounds
like to die for!!! I tasted salted chocolate for the 1st time at Xmas!Can't find anywhere though!
Chihuly's art work has been showing up in several locations in Blogsville! I know that Seattle is his home..wonderful works of art!
You take care..sending more healing vibes your daughter is healing too from colon surgery..hugs to you aNNa xo

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Chocolate, caramels AND Chihuly???
So many good things! No wonder you crashed!

Happy weekend!