Thursday, June 18, 2009

IMC 09 - Day 4

It's starting to get difficult to remember what day it is... Up late into the nights and the day activities just run together like a surreal stream-of-consciousness art dream...

Today we heard from Dennis Nolan and Gary Lippincott - both children's illustrators whose work I have admired for years. Have any number of their books on my shelves at home. Charles Vess also gave a presentation this evening (he is always fabulous to listen to). Got to talk art, watch art, think about art and *do* art.

It took me a bit of doing to get my drawing printed out on the correct paper, but once that was done I was finally able to start getting some color down.

I've decided to go with the psychedelic flying-monkey approach. :-)

More later.


Soozcat said...

Oo! Ye must brings it closer! Closer my precious! We must sees it up close!

Anonymous said...

I want to see it closer too!

Hey I just went up and bought a book by Dennis Nolan called Fairy Wings! Can't wait to get it.

Thanks for the name!

The Garden Ms. S said...

I can't wait to see more of this one. I have a feeling it will be very exciting....!