Thursday, June 04, 2009

Richard Jesse Watson - (relatively) New Blog

Readers of this blog may remember the field trip that my critique group took at the end of January to visit the home and studio of fabulous children's illustrator Richard Jesse Watson.

Well, I am so pleased to announce that he has since then started blogging .

We had discussed various online networking and marketing approaches during out day together, and I tried rather strenuously to twist his arm re: blogging, I think. :-) For not entirely self-less reasons either. He is a completely delightful human being, who (along with his equally delightful wife) leads a rather enviable, thoroughly artistic life. And I, for one, am looking forward to reading more about it as it happens.


Jessie said...

Thanks for sharing this Tara, I'll go and see right now! :)

Anonymous said...

Tara, I have been reading, but not commenting (for some technical reason, comments take a loooong time!), but I have been keeping up with you. I hope you are feeling more like your former self. Surely, the summer weather must be helping?
And, regarding the earlier post about the marketing/scamming ploys of some...if it smells, it's fishy!

Off now to look at the new-ish blog!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful illustrator!
So sorry I haven't visited your blog so often lately.
I've been rather overwhelmed with a new dog etc.
How are your chickens?
All best wishes.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Gee thanks, Tara. You know, you are the reason I am not a blogger-virgin anymore. The world has opened up. Thank you for the kind comments

maren said...

Wow Tara. I checked it out and the first picture up was on with you in it. Too cool.