Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Self-Produced Book Promotion

I met the then-primarily artist Maggie Stiefvater, online a couple of years ago. She is also a musician, and an author (and has a very high level of energy apparently!)

She has since had her first novel published with two more following closely on its heels. Lovely YA urban-faery-fantasies. For her soon-to-be-released sophomore novel, Shiver, she is running a promotional contest here. If nothing else, you *must* go to that link to see the book trailer that she 1.) cut all the paper for 2.) animated and then 3.) composed the music for! And now she is running a contest so more of you can see it.

This is the 'official' trailer on Youtube, which is lovely, but doesn't have the same charm.

Do go check it out. I marvel at the inventiveness and creativity (and did I mention energy?) of some of you people!

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Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thanks for letting us know about this!