Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Mysteries of Modern Art -

I'm still thinking about Western Washington's campus that we toured on Monday.
(Here are my cute tour-ee's)

The majority of Western's campus is much 'younger' than the UW and more modern in feel. There's lots of brick put to great use - both on the buildings and in the walkways. And apparently one of the things Western is known for is its extensive modern-outdoor-sculpture collection.

I've always been an unapologetic representational sort of artist. And while there is some abstract art that I appreciate (like local friend/artist Angela Wales Rockett), some of it, especially three-dimensional forms can leave me absolutely mystified...

(this piece is nick-named 'the Giant Orange Mosquito') nowhere....?

Pieces of a wooden-beam pyramid...

Partial, holey cube.. (I do like this one - but it's something I can name..)

But this one... why???

And this big steel rectangular thing...?? Sculpture? I really don't get it.


Jennifer Rose said...

I know art is in the eye of the beholder but I just don't get or like most of the art like that. to each their own of course, but my mind just boggles at the amount of money people pay for art like that.

at least that beam pyramid acts like a huge bench lol

Elizabeth said...

I have a 'thing' about modern sculpture.
To me it so often looks like a middle school project.
Wow! How lovely, darling......
then it is set aside
not paid a gazillion dollars for and set up for eternity in a public place
see Richard Serra etc.
I'm sure I'm mean but in the blogosphere one is alloed opinions...
I hope.
love from NY
I remember when I discovered your paintings when we were in Morocco and how beautifully detailed they were.
REAL art.......!

Angela Wales Rockett said...

Thank you, Tara. I'm honored.

And a lot of modern art mystifies me too.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Yes well, some of those do rather boggle the mind a bit. But I do like the stairs. Much more fun than a stairmaster.

The Garden Ms. S said...

My cats would love the rectangle one. Better than a moving box! :)

tlawwife said...

As a non artist who doesn't get modern sculptures either I now feel better!! I have never been able to figure out what makes one steel box a box and another art. I do like the stairs I could go over them or sit on them. The giant mosquito thing not so much. I like the cube thing too.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it all doubles as an army assault course? Or training facility for guard dogs?