Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ren Fair-ing - Part I

Yesterday, the Laundry Faerie and I spent the day at the annual Renaissance Fair.

I haven't been for about 5 years, but since I missed the Scottish Games (which were during the heat wave!), and the Summer Faire at Camlann, and needed my Medieval fix for the season. It was at a new venue this summer, in rural Buckley on a fabulous farm.

On paying our entrance fee, we are given change in the 'coin of the realm', which could be used for any number of tempting options -

There were lots of fair-ish culinary choices -

There were booths and booths of costuming ensembles - from fairy to historical to pirate - lots of jewelry, leather and weaponry...

There were also miscellaneous objects - hand-tooled leather journals, magic wands, horned helmets, and just plain horns. [I bought a couple of the twistiest ones - drawing twisty horns in various perspectives is one of my banes! Having the thing to look at should make it MUCH easier!]

The local blacksmith was selling *his* twisty wares... How about these spoons?

And speaking of spoons - this dragon sculpture was constructed predominantly out of oval cutlery.



Jennifer Rose said...

living here I've never actually been to a Scottish game lol probably should one day

that dragon is amazing! hmm wonder if it would fit in the living room? :p

Lisa Hunt said...

Love that dragon sculpture! Sounds like you had a great time. I know for myself that these fairs offer endless inspiration for the fantasy artist.

Christine Rose said...

Jennifer: You haven't truly lived until you've seen the caber toss :-D
Definitely go to the Scottish Games one day.

Don't forget, you also met award-winning (and incredibly handsome) author Ethan Rose & got the book "Rowan of the Wood."

I'm very sorry to have missed out on meeting you. I've been under the weather :-(

Paula Pertile said...

Ah, the Renn Faire. Did you "talk" the part while you were there, or dress up?
Love the plastic hangers - so authentic. ;~)

Soozcat said...

There were quite a few inauthentic aspects to this particular faire, but it was still a great deal of fun.

Jennifer Rose said...

Christine- I would love to go but oddly enough not a common thing here lol

they sometimes have a hard time finding people to participate. I need to move to another part of Scotland I think :p

Richard Jesse Watson said...

I love those faires, but haven't been in ages. Why didn't I think of making a dragon out of spoons? Awesome!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Now that I've been following your blog for a year or so, I have to say: The Pacific Northwest has the best events evah!

You are so lucky to have so many cool events happening within driving distance. Enjoy!

I love that dragon. Some restaurant should snap that up as a feature piece.

tlc illustration said...

Jennifer Rose - Scottish Festivals are my *favorite* (ours here is huge. You can check the link I posted to it from last year). Was sad to miss it this year - but it was too darned hot.

You could acquire that dragon for your living room for about $8000. :-)

Lisa - LOTS of inspiration - though mostly fantastical rather than authentic.

Christine Rose - I was sorry to miss meeting you as well. Catherine speaks very highly of you.

Paula - no, I am a stick in the mud when it comes to dressing up (round, short-haired, glasses - not really fitting...). For authentic fairs, I go to the one at Camlann (see link in post) which tries really hard to be thoroughly period.

Richard - do they have any festivals up your way? You would think there would be something on the peninsula?

Thanks Garden Ms. S - come down and avail yourself of them any time. :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

$8000! 0.o do you think they would take pennies? :p

Lucille said...

What fun! I miss our faire - it closed a couple of years ago. I missed faerieworlds this year, too, so it was wonderful to see your pictures - a vicarious visit!