Friday, September 18, 2009

Life Drawing -

After a several month hiatus (surgery, summer, ER visits-with-husband...), I was pleased as punch to start up again this week -

It was fabulous to work on great big pads of newsprint with conte crayons and charcoal (as opposed to my tiny Moleskine)... Feeling kinda rusty with the eye-hand coordination, but was happy to be able to draw from the elbow and shoulder again.

I was very optimistic about what I could fit on my large paper (really enjoying the *big* here) so got a little truncated on leg length, but ah well... It was fun to be doing this again.

And FYI, the report on our critique meeting this week can be seen our our Painters of Bumping Lake blog...


Jennifer Rose said...

i need to figure out how to draw that big. Everything model I draw starts out big but then just ends up really small :/

I wouldn't have noticed his legs if you hadn't of said anything. would have just thought he had really long legs. It is a lovely drawing :)

Sandi McBride said...

I still marvel at your talent! You do lovely work