Monday, January 04, 2010

Slight Blog Overhaul (plus: Music Monday)

I'm trying to bring a bit more order to my too-busy and frequently dis-organized existence. One tangible place to apply routine to (and give my brain a break in one arena at least) is in my blogging. There are categories which seem to appear with a degree of regularity, so I am instituting some Reoccurring Weekly Features for your viewing pleasure:

Sunday Sketching - has been consistently showing up for some time now. And will continue.

Music Mondays - I am a closet music junkie (hence my rather *ahem* gleeful following of Glee this season, for instance). I love the music I have and know, and love being exposed to new as well. When so moved, I will subject you to something that has caught my fancy that day. Please also share your favorites with me.

WIP Wednesdays - I always have something in some stage of construction. Wednesdays will give you a peek into current projects, their Work In Progress, and other things process-related to illustration.

Figure Fridays - Life drawing report - good, bad or ugly.

and Succulent Saturdays - if you have followed me for any length of time you are probably very aware of my passion for gardening, herbs, edible landscapes, urban chickens, and experimental cooking. If I am excited about something related to that during the week, here is where it will be reported. Or it may be a snippet of some especially succulent artist's work. Or a delectable experience. I'm playing this one a bit by ear.

I don't intend to necessarily do all of these every week (I only have life drawing the first three Fridays of the month for instance), but this is what I am aiming for. I am also interested in your feedback as we go - is it useful? inspiring? completely non-relevant? TMI? You really want to see *more* love for the backyard chickens? Whatever....

And in that vein, here is a song that has been addictively stuck in my head the past few months. A portion is used to great effect in the opening credits of Fox's Lie To Me:

(Ryan Star, Brand New Day)

And if you are not familiar with Lie To Me, see the original, fabulous promo here.


The Garden Ms. S said...

Sounds great! I hope you will still manage to show us some of your fabulous adventures to festivals, art excursions etc. You go to the coolest things! :-)

I am particularly pleased you will share more of your musical finds as I always enjoy them.

tlc illustration said...

Thanks Ms. S (and a happy belated holidays to you). The above mentioned adventures should fall under the Succulent category - but if I have more than enough for that, I do have some open days of the week still. :-) Never fear!

andrea said...

Oh you organized bloggers. I'm lucky to get in a post every week! :) (And I just discovered Lie To Me. Love it.)

tlc illustration said...

Heh - Andrea this only works for me because I am doing these things (or intend to be)*anyway* - and this way I feel compelled to do them even when tempted to skip. Public accountability anyone?

And yes, Lie To Me is awesome.

Jennifer Rose said...

I'm always looking for new music to try so will be looking forward reading that. well looking forward to the rest of the post as well :

Maren said...

OK....missing both Glee and Lie to Me. I hope there are new episodes soon.

Anonymous said...

Tara I love Lie to Me. . .but have only recently started to watch it so didn't know about this song. . .I love it and will going up to Amazon to see about purchasing it.

Glad to be back on the internet again. . .great to read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Howdy, Stranger! I've been rushing about the place lately and haven't always had time to comment.
Funnily, I've just had a bit of a "tidy-up" at my place,
though have not yet assigned days to posts.
I saw a couple of Lie to Me episodes and thought it was a bit far-fetched. Then, a few weeks ago, I heard a radio interview with a psychologist on whose work the show is based! Not so far-fetched after all. But probably telly-fied. :-)
Hope your year will be another happy, productive one, Tara.

Anonymous said...

You sound so organized. Elena

Merisi said...

Dear Tara,
whatever makes blogging a good experience for you is fine with me! I have enjoyed your blog for some years now (you were among the very first who visited mine!) and I know that every time I pass through here, I will enjoy the experience!

A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!